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  • Mechanical
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  • Design
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Employee Benefits

We Value You

At Trison, we value each and every one of our candidates. We understand It’s important to feel appreciated and respected in the workplace – and we all perform better when we’re given roles and assignments that best suit our skill set.

The exact nature of available employee benefits vary by employer, industry, job position and other factors. But rest assured, we offer industry leading benefits and competitive wages.

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About Trison's Core Competencies

Trison follows a competency based approach to its performance management process. The management at Trison believes that these competencies - a combination of knowledge, skills and characteristics - are critical to our success, as well as yours, in this competitive environment. It is also important that you understand our mission and core competencies and that you are focused on doing the right things in order for you to be successful at Trison. Your performance will be evaluated by collecting feedback from your supervisors and peers and should be supported by work evidence.

Work Environment/Safety

Promotes mutual respect, keeps workplace clean and safe, support safety programs

Job Knowledge

Understands duties and responsibilities, has necessary job knowledge, has necessary technical skills, understands company mission/values, keeps job knowledge current, is in command of critical issues


Communicates well both verbally and in writing, creates accurate and punctual reports, delivers presentations, shares information and ideas with others, has good listening skills


Able to manage workload and commitments, prioritizes tasks, manages time well, volunteers for additional work and meets attendance/punctuality requirements in order to meet our customer?s critical deadlines


Adapts to change, is open to new ideas, takes on new responsibilities, handles pressure, adjusts plans to meet changing needs


Meets all team deadlines and responsibilities, listens to others and values opinions, helps team leader to meet goals, welcomes newcomers and promotes a team environment


Tackles problems and takes independent action, seeks out new responsibilities, acts on opportunities, generates new ideas, practices self-development

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We bring a unique perspective to staffing. Intimately understanding our clients and candidates, along with the challenges they face today, we utilize our industry expertise to offer innovative solutions and build long-lasting relationships. Every step in our staffing process is designed to deliver exceptional value and results.

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We believe that in today’s competitive environment a powerful blend of knowledge, skills and characteristics are critical to both our success and yours. Trison Business Solutions offers exceptional benefit packages and compensation. If you have skills applicable to one of our specialties, start your job search with Trison today.

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